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Quality of Life Credo

I choose to work and spend my energies in my daily life in an area or in a way that allows me to contribute to the quality of life of all. I recognize that when I work for the common good, I work toward my own wellbeing, that when I work toward my own wellbeing, I work for the common good, that my choices are the foundation for personal, community and planetary health.

What I do every day may not be perfect, but my fundamental goals are to find value in this world and bring value to this world. The actions of others may not seem to reflect this credo I choose to uphold, but I focus on my own decisions and actions and make them the best they can be to create mutual benefit.

I vow to leave this world a better place than it was when I came into it. For today I vow to pick up a piece of trash, smile at someone who cut me off in line, walk another flight of stairs, help my neighbor, recognize that the person on the other side of an argument doesn’t argue just to win but because they believe their cause is just and right, apply not tolerance but compassion, recognize that anger and blame begin and end inside me no matter how just my case may be, see myself and others outside the confines of socially-dictated roles and expectations, choose to recycle, offer my support to someone in need, reach healthy compromise when other options don’t appear available, choose sustainable practices to grow what I eat and build where I live, vote with my wallet, walk in nature, become involved. For today I vow to recognize that it is not what others do that makes me unhappy and stops my growth and my ability to contribute meaningfully—it is my own choices in each moment.

I may work today as a corporate executive, a farmer, a waitress, a soldier, a politician, a pastor, a clerk, a teacher, a laborer, a computer programmer, an artist, a public service employee, a forest ranger, an at-home parent, an intellectual, an oilfield worker, a community activist, a writer, or be unemployed or retired or unable to work; what I do to try to make a living doesn’t necessarily matter—what I do in each moment does. I can be a religious person, a spiritual person or neither—my choices still matter. I can be a successful person or have found failure after failure—my choices still matter. I can have achieved every dream or none at all—my choices still matter. I can have been born privileged or destitute—my choices still matter.

I know that when more of us start to act toward each other in this way, our lives will change fundamentally and collectively, as we shift the quality of life for all--for me, for you, for our neighbors, for our personal community, for our global community, for the planet.

I accept that both my quality of life and the quality of life of all others are my choice and my responsibility and I choose to do something about it every day.

Intuisdom Institute, 2009
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